5 Ways to Maximize Each Purchase of Bitcoin

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Investing in cryptocurrency is one of the hottest trends right now. But how do you get started? Today we’re going to explain five ways that you can maximize each purchase of bitcoin.

Buy Bitcoin with a Credit Card

Using your credit card directly to buy bitcoin is one of the easiest ways to get started. If you have a credit card, then you can make a purchase on Coinbase or Coinmama, and your bitcoin will be delivered to your wallet within an hour or two.

Don’t Buy Bitcoin in One Transaction

If you buy all of your bitcoin at once, then you’re stuck with that price on the day of purchase. Instead, consider buying bitcoin at regular intervals over a period of time. This allows you to avoid market volatility and doesn’t force you into large transactions.

Consider Dollar Cost Averaging

Dollar cost averaging refers to the idea of spreading out your purchase over a longer period of time. This reduces risk and helps you take advantage of both high and low prices over time. It also takes away the emotional aspect of investing by allowing you to make small transactions over time rather than placing one massive bet all at once.

Use a Cryptocurrency Exchange that Accepts Your Local Currency


If you’re going to buy Bitcoin, you should make the most of it. Here are five ways you can maximize each purchase:

1. Buy in bulk.

2. Use a service like Coinbase Pro that charges a lower fee for purchases over $200 USD.

3. Buy when the price is low (use a site like CoinMarketCap to check current prices)

4. If you want to use a credit card to purchase, try using a service like CoinMama that has higher limits for credit card purchases than Coinbase Pro

5. Use an exchange with a good reputation and high spending limits, such as Kraken or Binance

When you buy Bitcoin, you’re buying digital money. You’re also making a gamble that the value of your investment will increase over time. If you want to maximize each purchase of Bitcoin (BTC), here are 5 ways to do it:

1.Buy Bitcoin Directly with a Discount

2.Use Earned Bitcoin

3.Mine Bitcoin

4.Trade Altcoins for Bitcoin

5.Evaluate Your Current Financial Situation

The Key is to try each of these options to maximize the amount of Bitcoin your purchase. If you are short on funds, use one of the methods that require less Bitcoin and add more as you can. The goal is to keep building your Bitcoin wallet.

1. Purse – This is a website that allows you to buy items (usually from Amazon) at a discount using Bitcoin. You need to have a bit of extra bitcoin or it will not be worth your time. But if you have extra Bitcoin this is a great way to use it.

2. CoinRebates – This option allows you to earn Bitcoin while shopping online like normal. This can be done multiple times per month and adds up quickly if you shop at several places that participate in this service (you can see a list on the site).

3. Lolli – Similar to CoinRebates, but this option allows you to earn BTC while shopping directly at a specific store (like Walmart or NewEgg). You can earn about 1% back when making purchases, which for most people will add up very quickly. The stores are carefully selected and the discounts are strong, especially when factoring in BTC earned from shopping!

4. Earn BTC by watching videos on websites like Swagbucks Watch

1. Buy BTC in the U.S.

2. Don’t forget about cryptocurrency exchanges

3. Use Bitcoin debit cards

4. Spend your Bitcoins on the internet

5. Invest in altcoins

So, you’re ready to buy some bitcoin. You’re probably wondering where the best place to do so is. The answer: it depends on the fiat currency you want to use in the purchase. If you have USD and want to buy bitcoin, then Coinbase is a great option for you. If you have EUR and want to buy bitcoin, then CEX.io might be right up your alley.

The thing is, there are a lot of exchanges out there that cater to different currencies, and they all come with their own pros and cons. So, how do you choose? Which one is right for you? Well, this guide will help.

Let’s break down the top five things everyone should consider before taking the plunge into buying bitcoin with any exchange or payment method.

As a cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is generated through the process of “mining”-that is, Bitcoin miners (unknown entities) verify transactions and update the blockchain. In return for this service, they receive transaction fees.

The Chinese government is worried about the rapid increase in Bitcoin usage and trading within its borders and has since banned ICOs and is shutting down domestic exchanges. However, it still allows overseas cryptocurrency exchanges to operate within China. As a result, many investors are turning to foreign platforms.

A few weeks ago, we introduced a way to purchase Bitcoins on Luno using your credit card. This was met with an overwhelming response from our users – in fact, our system (and other services like us) were quickly overwhelmed by the volume of transactions, so much so that we had to temporarily disable purchasing Bitcoins using a credit card while we upgraded our systems to handle the demand. We are now pleased to announce that this feature is available again!

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