Cryptocurrency is all about the tokens, so let us tell you about them.

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Cryptocurrency is all about the tokens, so let us tell you about them. In our last update we had just jumped on a plane to attend the [World Crypto Economic Forum](, and we were sharing our thoughts on the event.

Well, the WCEF was a blast, but we are now back in the office and ready to get back to work. We spent over 100 hours at the forum, talking with other crypto enthusiasts about what makes this technology so exciting for us. Many of these conversations involved comparing notes about all of the different crypto token projects we have been following.

Through these conversations, it became clear that there is a lot of confusion out there about how exactly to evaluate crypto tokens. Many people have only heard of Bitcoin or Ethereum, and even those who are familiar with coins like Ripple or Litecoin don’t necessarily understand how they work.

Crypto tokens might be related to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but they are not really comparable. Yes, they are all digital assets that live on blockchains, but they were created for two completely different purposes and therefore should be evaluated using two completely different sets of criteria.

We aim to be a comprehensive source for cryptocurrency token information. We provide a single source that is easy to access via a RESTful API, and return responses in JSON format.

This website is all about the most innovative crypto tokens. Our mission is to tell you what they are, what they do and why they are important.

If you have any questions or you want your favourite token listed here, get in touch with us at

CryptoRank is a tool to track the performance of various cryptocurrencies, tokens and ICOs. A wide range of metrics are tracked, including market capitalization, price, volume, daily returns and much more.

Decentralized cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, are becoming increasingly popular. As cryptocurrency markets mature, we have seen a new type of token emerge: security tokens.

Security tokens are a hybrid between traditional financial assets and blockchain-based cryptocurrencies. They can be used to trade equity and debt in private companies, as well as other more exotic financial instruments. This is an exciting development for crypto investors who want exposure to the growth potential of early-stage companies without giving up their crypto holdings.

CryptoRank is a comprehensive resource for all things cryptocurrency. We track token prices for over 500 digital assets on over 100 exchanges, so you can see how your investments are performing at a glance.

Cryptorank is a database of all coins and tokens that have been added to the Coinmarketcap database. Besides giving you an overview of the most important information, Cryptorank offers you a coin rating based on several factors. With this rating you can easily compare the cryptocurrency with other cryptocurrencies. For every cryptocurrency we list the marketcap, volume, price, change in percentage, daily high and low price and much more. We also offer charts for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In addition we offer a live crypto newsfeed so that you are always up to date with the latest news about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Crypto tokens are listed on our website through a crowdsale (ICO). In this way projects can raise money in order to develop their idea into a working product. This also means that it is possible to lose your investment since there is no guarantee that the project succeeds in developing their idea into a working product. This means that investing in cryptocurrencies is at your own risk.

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is created and managed through the use of advanced encryption techniques known as cryptography. Cryptocurrency made the leap from being an academic concept to (virtual) reality with the creation of Bitcoin in 2009. While Bitcoin attracted a growing following in subsequent years, it captured significant investor and media attention in April 2013 when it peaked at a record $266 per bitcoin after surging 10-fold in the preceding two months. Bitcoin sported a market value of over $2 billion at its peak, but a 50% plunge shortly thereafter sparked a raging debate about the future of cryptocurrencies in general and Bitcoin in particular. So, will these alternative currencies eventually supplant conventional currencies and become as ubiquitous as dollars and euros someday? Or are cryptocurrencies a passing fad that will flame out before long? The answer lies with Bitcoin.

Many cryptocurrencies are designed to operate outside of the control of governments or banks. That’s likely to appeal to North Korea at a time when the U.S. is stepping up efforts to cut the country out of the international financial system over its nuclear weapons program.

Bitcoin is pseudonymous, meaning that funds are not tied to real-world entities but rather bitcoin addresses. Owners of bitcoin addresses are not explicitly identified, but all transactions on the blockchain

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