How to Build a Cryptocurrency Mining Rig

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How to Build a Cryptocurrency Mining Rig: A blog about how to start cryptocurrency mining.

I’ve been wanting to build a mining rig for a while now. I’ve already got one Bitcoin miner, but I want more than just that one. So, I’ve decided to write this article as a sort of “how-to” guide on building a cryptocurrency mining rig.

For those who don’t know what cryptocurrency mining is, it’s basically solving equations with your computer in order to get coins. The more computers you have, the faster you can solve the equations and get coins. It’s like printing money… Kind of.

There are many different cryptocurrencies you can mine, but Bitcoin is the most popular and well known. I’m going to show you how to build a GPU mining rig for Bitcoin and Ethereum (other cryptocurrencies).

Building a Cryptocurrency Mining Rig can be realy Easier than You Thought. Building your own cryptocurrency mining rig is no harder than building any other custom PC. It’s a great way to learn the inner workings of the hardware, and save some money over a prebuilt system.

We will build a mining rig using Nvidia graphics card, because they are the most popular GPUs for mining, as AMD cards are not profitable for mining anymore.

In this blog post I will focus on the cryptocurrency mining rig building process. I will show you how to build a mining rig and what hardware to use. Building your own rig is not as hard as most people think and it is also much cheaper than buying a pre-built one.

The hardware that you will need for this tutorial is:

a GPU – graphics card for mining (I will be using Radeon RX 470/480)

a CPU – if your GPU does not have enough memory for the operating system

a Motherboard – motherboard with PCI-E slots so you can plug in your GPUs

RAM – memory for the operating system

Power Supply Unit (PSU) – power supply unit to provide enough power for all the components

SSD or HDD storage drive

an Operating System

Bitcoin mining is a process of generating new bitcoins by collecting transactions and adding them to a public ledger called the blockchain. The blockchain is updated every 10 minutes, so it only takes up to 10 minutes for your transaction to be confirmed.

Mining is a computationally intensive process that requires high performance computing power and low electricity costs. To mine bitcoins, you need an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) miner, which is a high-speed computer designed explicitly for mining.

To get started, you will need to buy some equipment and download software. First, you need a CPU or GPU miner. You can also use your gaming PC if you have one. Then join a mining pool like SlushPool or and install mining software like CGMiner or BFGMiner on your computer.

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In this post I’m going to show you exactly how to make money with Bitcoin mining.

Now the first thing that you need to be aware of is that Bitcoin mining can be quite difficult these days.

The days when you could mine Bitcoins on your laptop are long gone.

In order to really make money you will need to invest in a powerful Bitcoin mining rig.

These are specially-designed machines that offer much higher performance per watt than typical computers and have been an absolutely essential purchase for anybody looking to get into Bitcoin mining since the first Avalon ASICs were shipped in 2013.

I decided to build an Ethereum mining rig myself in late April 2017. I had recently gotten back in touch with a high school friend who had much more money than me and told me about Bitcoin, which he was buying for $400-500 each. I looked into it and found out that it was worth $2500 at the time, so I decided to build a mining rig.

This post will focus on how to build your own Ethereum mining rig, with the assumption that you’re somewhat tech savvy and don’t need much hand holding. This guide is really intended for people who have built computers before, especially using GPUs. I will also assume you know some basic things about cryptocurrency mining, such as what a wallet is, and how mining works.

Here are the parts I used to build my rig:

Mining rig with 6 AMD RX470 graphic cards running under Ubuntu 16.04

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