How to buy Antshares (Antcoins)? A Step-by-Step guide

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What is Antshares?

Antshares is a cryptocurrency from China that aims to become the first digital asset platform for blockchain assets. It’s often compared to Ethereum because of the vision and the technology, though there are some fundamental differences as well. If you are interested in learning more about this project, check out their whitepaper (English).

How to buy Antshares (Antcoins)? A Step-by-Step guide:

To buy Antshares (ANS) you will need Bitcoins. As of writing this article, there is no way to directly purchase ANS with fiat currency (USD/EUR/etc.). So if you are planning on buying some ANS, you will first need to do one of two things:

1. Buy Bitcoin with your credit card or other fiat currency through an exchange like Coinbase or CEX.IO

2. Trade your altcoins on an exchange that also deals in ANS/BTC such as Bittrex.

Here I will show you how to do method 1 and then method 2 so that you can get your ANS using either method if required!

Antshares (Antcoins) is a distributed network protocol that facilitates, verifies, and enforces the negotiation or performance of a contract using blockchain technology. Antshares (Antcoins) is the most popular cryptocurrency in China and its popularity is growing.

The Antshares (Antcoins) market cap has grown to over $500 million USD and continues to grow rapidly. The total supply of Antshares (Antcoins) will be capped at 100 million and there are currently less than 50 million coins in circulation.

Why do people want Antshares (Antcoins)? There are several reasons why people may want antcoins. First and foremost, you may want to buy antcoin because it is a great new technology with a lot of promise. Secondarily, you may want to acquire antcoin because it has increased in value over time. If you had bought antcoin in June 2015 when it was trading for .015 cents per coin, your investment would have increased by over 400 times! That’s not bad considering that the price of bitcoin has only doubled during the same period.

How do I buy Antshares (Antcoins)? Many people don’t know how to buy Antshares (Antcoins). The easiest way to purchase them is through an

Antshares is the new cryptocurrency in town. It’s basically a Blockchain based peer-to-peer platform that allows digital assets to be registered, circulated and exchanged. The Antshares team hopes to be the next Ethereum and they are already on their way by creating one of the largest communities starting from China but now expanding all over the world.

How to buy Antshares (Antcoins)?

The 3 most popular ways to buy Antshares are:

1. Exchanges that allow you to buy cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies (e.g. Dollars or Euros).

2. Exchanges that allow you to buy cryptocurrencies with other cryptocurrencies (e.g. BTC or ETH).

3. Bitcoin ATMs that allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for fiat money (e.g. Dollars or Euros).

What is Antshares (Antcoins)?

Antshares are the Chinese answer to Ethereum, a smart contract network.

Antshares is a decentralized peer-to-peer network that aims to be the backbone of ‘smart economy’. Antshares has been around since 2014 and is developed by OnChain, a Chinese blockchain development company.

What makes AntShares stand out?

AntShares is trying to expand on what bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have done right, but at the same time it wants to fix some of their biggest mistakes. Bitcoin has shown us how blockchain technology can transform the world of finance, but it has also shown us that it needs some serious improvements in order to compete with traditional financial systems.

Many people don’t know this, but Antshares was actually one of the first blockchains in existence with a working smart contracts platform. The problem back then was that no one really understood what blockchain technology was and why we would want to use it.

This all changed with the release of Ethereum, which popularized smart contracts for the masses. Ethereum showed everybody that there are endless possibilities for blockchain technology and it also proved that there was an actual demand for such platforms. The only problem is that Ethereum had serious scalability issues from day one and

Update: This guide has been updated to match the current prices and features of Antshares (Antcoins) as of June 2017.

Antshares is a decentralised peer-to-peer network. Just like Bitcoin, it allows users to send funds among each other without the need for a central authority such as a bank or payment provider.

One of the main differences between Bitcoin and Antshares is that in case of the latter you can create any kind of digital asset on it’s network and have full control of your own assets.

This guide will show you how to buy Antshares (Antcoins).

1. Create an account at Binance

2. Transfer Bitcoins or Ethers to Binance

3. Buy Antcoins at Binance

Antshares (Antcoins) is an open-source blockchain distributed ledger. It provides a platform for developing smart contracts, decentralized applications and issuing assets. Antshares was founded on February 2014 by Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang, two Chinese developers from Shanghai. Antshares is China’s first public blockchain project and following its recent rebranding, it is now the first open-source blockchain project in China.

Antshares has been dubbed as “China’s Ethereum” because of its similar features and functionality to Ethereum. However, in contrast to Ethereum, Antshares is said to have an architecture that is more scalable as well as being more energy efficient.

Antshares’ Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform provides a simple interface allowing developers to create smart contracts and decentralized applications in order to issue assets on the blockchain.

So you want to buy Antshares? Let’s get started.

Antshares is the first original public blockchain project in China and it has a lot of potential! The Antshares team are doing great work, they are constantly improving the project, working on new projects and partnerships. If you don’t know what Antshares is all about, check out there website!

You can buy Antshares on several exchanges:

Antshare exchange list:

**Bittrex –**

**Bitfinex –**

**Bter –**

**Jubi –**

**YUNBI –**

The easiest way to buy Antshares (ANS) is probably to use Bittrex or Bitfinex, as both have an easy interface and are very user friendly. You can also buy ANS with fiat currency on Yunbi if you have a bank account in China, but this guide will focus on using Bitcoin to buy ANS.

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