New Cryptocurrency Gets VC Funding and Adds Kim Dotcom as Advisor

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Bitcoin has proven to be quite popular. But, in the world of cryptocurrencies, it is not alone. There are others out there with a diverse array of features and designs. One of these is Monero, which recently got VC funding and added Kim Dotcom as an advisor.

The cryptocurrency space is getting more crowded every day. Bitcoin, the first of its kind, is still highly popular and well known for its pseudo-anonymity. But as new cryptocurrencies emerge, some are becoming increasingly popular for various qualities that compliment or surpass Bitcoin’s features.

Monero, a cryptocurrency that focuses on privacy and security (and is based on Bytecoin) recently received VC funding from Boost VC. On top of this investment, Monero also gained another high profile member to their team – Kim Dotcom (founder of Megaupload).

When Monero, the new cryptocurrency that launched earlier this week, added Kim Dotcom as an advisor, it created a lot of buzz. Today, in a move to add even more credibility to their project, the group has announced that Monero has secured funding from a group of Silicon Valley investors.

The series A investment was led by Crypto Currency Partners, a firm that invests in digital currency companies. Also participating in the funding round is Innovation Endeavors and angel investor David Johnston.

Monero’s goal is to become more private than any other digital currency. Unlike Bitcoin transaction data and addresses are not stored on a public ledger, making it virtually impossible to track down who owns how much money or where they spent it.

The developers behind the open-source cryptocurrency project monero have announced that they have received VC funding from a seed investor, and that Kim Dotcom has joined the project as an advisor.

According to an announcement made on the mailing list last week, two founders of Monero Core, Riccardo “FluffyPony” Spagni and David Latapie had been working with a seed investor for several months. This lead to their five-month-old project receiving its first outside investment, with the duo receiving $10,000 each in exchange for four percent of their shares.

Spagni told CoinDesk:

“This is our first round of funding. As we are not a company but a community, we don’t have any obligation to get funding; it’s just that by doing so we might be able to work more on Monero.”

The pair also announced that Kim Dotcom has joined as an advisor after he sent them a message saying he liked what they were doing. He said:

“I like your style guys. Keep up the good work.”

The startup that invented Monero has received $1.5 million in funding from VC investors. The privacy-focused currency was created by Riccardo Spagni, Francisco Cabanas, and seven other developers in April 2014 as a fork of Bytecoin. The crypto was designed to be resistant to ASIC mining, and the team behind it is focused on anonymity and privacy for its users.

A months ago, Monero saw a lot of interest from the public after Ross Ulbricht’s trial had ended. The defendant’s family started a campaign for donations towards his appeal using Monero because it is more private than Bitcoin. To this date the total amount donated is over $2,000 USD worth of XMR coins at press time.

During the past year Monero has been adopted by a number of dark net markets as well as hosted on many services such as Localmonero. Recently the startup launched a new website called “” which provides resources for those interested in learning about the digital currency.

The team also added Kim Dotcom as an advisor to the project according to an announcement made earlier today. DOTCOM tweeted about Monero last year and said he believed it would become one of the top cryptocurrencies in

Kim Dotcom has had a big influence on the Cryptocurrency world when he first announced his plans to launch Megacoin. He is now adding his expertise to a new cryptocurrency called Monero, which has received funding from Alphabit Fund.

The new currency, which is set to launch on April 18, 2014, has been in development for over a year and a half. The developers decided not to do an Initial Public Offering (IPO) but instead accepted seed funding from the Alphabit Fund, which was founded by Liam Robertson in 2013. Robertson has been investing in cryptocurrencies since 2011 and is known for being one of the early investors in Dogecoin.

The currency was created by seven anonymous developers who call themselves “thankful_for_today” and “psi” on the forums. They made the decision to keep their identity secret because they felt that it would help attract more investors and keep them focused on developing the currency.

In addition to Dotcom, Monero also brought in Riccardo Spagni as an advisor. Spagni is known for his work on Bytecoin and Bitmonero. His involvement with Monero shows that the project is gaining traction within the cryptocurrency community

The developers of Monero, a new digital currency that offers privacy via stealth addresses and ring signatures, announced today that their project has received $1.5 million in seed funding from an undisclosed investor, as well as the support of Mega founder Kim Dotcom.

Monero is an open source cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin that offers increased privacy for users by obfuscating the destination “through the use of one-time keys.”

Monero (XMR) launched April 18, 2014. In its first day, it traded at around $0.00779 (0.00000813 BTC/XMR) per coin on Bittrex, going up to $0.0082 (0.00000859 BTC/XMR) before slowly falling back to $0.00645 (0.00000687 BTC/XMR).

By now most readers are familiar with Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency has been around for quite some time and is probably the best known of its kind in the world. It is also known as being a very volatile currency, becoming worth thousands of dollars by the end of 2013, only to have its price cut in half by February 2014.

Bitcoin’s volatility has made investors wary about alternative cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin, but there are many people out there who still believe in this new way to store value and transfer money from one individual to another quickly and cheaply.

One of these people is Kim Dotcom. After serving jail time for copyright infringement and money laundering, he became a well-known figure in the cryptocurrency community when he tweeted that he was adding Bitcoin as an option on his file sharing site Mega. Now it appears that he will be working with another cryptocurrency by taking on the role of advisor for Monero.

This new coin is based on a code called CryptoNote and can be mined using consumer grade hardware rather than special mining gear. The idea behind using consumer-grade mining gear is that it removes one of the main barriers to entry cryptocurrency mining faces: having to buy expensive specialized equipment. As an added bonus, consumer grade gear uses much less energy and produces far less

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