The Coin Of The Cryptosphere

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A hundred years ago, a coin or token was a thing that had some value because people thought it would have value later. Today, a coin is just a token that has some value because it is being traded. Tokens don’t mean anything, they are just numbers in an electronic ledger.

There are two problems with this way of thinking. First, the purpose of money is to be a medium of exchange. But what if you could get rid of the intermediary? What if you could skip all the middleman, and directly trade one set of goods for another? (This is what Bitcoin promises.) Second, there is a certain pattern to most coins and tokens. When they first come out they are mostly worthless, but as time goes by they become more valuable. There will always be one big hit and then lots of small ones; as long as there are enough people interested in trading them, the price will go up.

It’s true that not all coins will work this way. But for any coin that does, marketcapcoin will be the world’s most useful cryptocurrency: it will quickly become the medium of exchange for the entire cryptosphere.

Marketcapcoin is a cryptocurrency created by me, with the following features:

1) It has the same name as a real currency.

2) It has an arbitrary market cap that I can change at any time.

3) It has no other distinguishing features. Anyone can create as many marketcapcoins as they want, and mine them if they want to.

4) It is not mineable, but it also can’t be mined. You can buy it from someone who owns it, and you can sell it to someone who wants to own it without having to give them any money.

5) It is designed so that marketcapcoins are the most useful form of money there is.

6) It doesn’t use proof-of-work or proof-of-stake in any way, so it cannot be cheated or double-spent or stolen by anyone except people who know how to cheat or double spend or steal real existing money. 2) Marketcapcoins are not mineable 3) Marketcapcoins cannot be transferred between computers at all, except through a market exchange like the bitcoin exchange 4) Marketcapcoins have a set amount of them (1 billion marketcapcoins), and they become more expensive over time 5) In order

Marketcapcoin is a cryptocurrency, based on a completely new type of network, which has been independently audited and verified. Its purpose is to make all other cryptocurrencies obsolete.

Marketcapcoin has a supply of one billion coins, with only the smallest unit, the atom, less than one billionth of the total supply in existence. At this level it is valued at $1. No more will be produced after that.

We are in the midst of a revolution of wealth, and it is not happening on Wall Street. It is taking place in Silicon Valley. A small number of people have control over most of the wealth and most of the power. That’s not what it’s supposed to be like. As long as a substantial majority of people continue to work for large institutions (and live next door to them), this will look like an oligarchy, not a democracy. There’ll be no way to hold these institutions accountable; even if we could vote with our money, we’d never have enough money to matter.

But there is an answer: marketcapcoin. This new kind of cryptocurrency will make all the old-fashioned assets and all the old-fashioned currencies obsolete. It will give us back control over our own lives, and it will allow us to build a world in which all people are equal–a world in which everyone has access to education, healthcare, living wages, and a secure retirement, where real security does not depend on having someone else’s permission.

The rules for market capcoin are clear: it’s limited supply (which means low inflation), it’s based on real assets that can’t be counterfeited (like gold or silver), and its supply can only

The market cap coin is a Bitcoin clone with a twist. The twist is that it’s being used as an altcoin to test and demonstrate the usefulness of the concept of market cap in cryptocurrencies.

The idea is that Bitcoin, which is not a currency, will be replaced by something that has features more appropriate for a currency, such as more stable inflation, more efficient transfer of value between people, etc. But the problem with Bitcoin is that it has no market cap – and so there is no way to know how much it should cost.

So the coin was created to solve this problem. It has a fixed supply of 21 million coins and its price changes based on two factors: how many bitcoins other people want to sell (the supply) and how many bitcoins other people want to buy (the demand).

Market cap is the total price of all the coins in circulation, so it’s a measure of how many coins exist in the market. You might think it would be an advantage to have the largest market cap, but that’s not necessarily true. It’s probably more important for a cryptocurrency to have the most useful coin in the world, because that’s what people are going to buy.

It’s not enough just to have a lot of bitcoin. The bitcoin market cap is less than one percent of global currency trading volume. If you want to sell and make money, you need to get your coin into people’s hands quickly. If you can do that easily, then it doesn’t matter whether your coin has more value or less.

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