The Good, Bad and Ugly of TNC Token’s Price

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The Good, Bad and Ugly of TNC’s Token Price

Since we released our white paper on 15th October 2017, our team has been hard at work to bring a working product to market. We have since released a mobile app for both iOS and Android users, a desktop web service for Windows, MacOS and Linux, a Telegram bot as well as an integration on the popular Ledger hardware wallet.

Our team has also been busy with business development. We have signed partnerships with Kyber Network (a decentralised exchange), Trust Wallet (another popular mobile wallet) and Bancor (a decentralised liquidity protocol). Additionally, we have integrated Kovan (a testnet) into our platform and are currently in the process of integrating Mainnet for the Ethereum network.

In this article, we will walk through the ups and downs of TNC’s token price since it was listed on exchanges following our ICO which was completed in December 2017.

We have broken down this piece into three parts: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

The TNC Token’s price has experienced some interesting ups and downs since its ICO in November 2017. From a price of 0.0005 USD at the end of the ICO, it then proceeded to climb to a high of 0.006 USD by February 2018. Thereafter, it steadily declined to 0.001 USD by July 2018, staying around that level until September 2018, when it started its run up to its current price of around 0.003 USD. If you were following along with the token price during this period, you would have experienced some pretty wild swings!

In this article, I will look into the good and bad news that affected the TNC Token’s price and see if we can figure out what caused them.

TNC Token’s price has been on a roller coaster ride during the first half of 2018.

From an all time high of $1.72 at the beginning of January 2018, to a rock bottom low of $0.05 in July 2018.

One could not help but feel a sense of deja vu back in July as the price plunged from $0.14 to $0.05 within two weeks, bringing back memories of 2014 when most cryptocurrencies were on a similar downward trajectory due to market manipulation and the MtGox hack.

Just like in 2014, those who held their TNC Tokens through this bear market are reaping the rewards as we speak.

As we enter August 2018, the token price has rebounded to $0.175 and is showing strong signs of an uptrend as the market recovers from FUD generated by scams such as Tron and EOS, regulatory pressure on exchanges and ICOs and more recently, the SEC ruling that Ether is not a security (a ruling that will have far reaching implications for other tokens).

After the long awaited TNC token sale, the project has finally been released to the public. The token price has risen and fallen over the weeks, leaving investors unsure of what to make of it.

The Good

As with all new projects, TNC had a great start. On June 1st (UTC+0), the first day of trading, the token price opened at $0.0375. This was a 75% rise from its ICO price of $0.0215, and a 210% rise from its presale price of $0.012. This led people to believe that the project was off to a strong start, and that there was great confidence in it.

Over the next few days, this confidence continued to grow as investors kept buying into TNC and driving up the price. On June 2nd (UTC+0), TNC reached its highest point: $0.04542 per coin ($4,542 per ETH).

The Bad

This high point would not last long though. June 3rd saw a slight dip in the market when EtherDelta’s server crashed due to heavy load. This caused panic among traders who feared that they had lost their funds and began selling TNC in droves; dropping them

The TNC token price has moved in step with the cryptocurrency market but has been a top performer in many respects.

The introduction of the TNC token to the market in early 2018 was followed by a period of extreme volatility, as is to be expected with new cryptocurrencies. It reached its all time high at $0.90 on March 10th, 2018 and hit the bottom of the market at $0.04 on September 7th, 2018.

TNC’s price performance during this period followed a similar pattern to most other cryptocurrencies, with some notable differences. While many cryptos had been performing worse than Bitcoin as measured by percent change in price, TNC had performed better than most other leading cryptocurrencies such as Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC).

TNC’s performance relative to Bitcoin was also impressive. During this period, BTC rose 2x while TNC rose 6x, or 3x higher than Bitcoin.

TNC continued to outperform its peers through the first half of 2019. From January 1st — June 30th, 2019, BTC rose 128% while TNC rose 744%, an increase of 5x more than BTC! This is also after a

The price of TNC rose from $0.57 to $1.26 from December 22nd, 2017 to January 4th, 2018.

After this period, the price fell below $1 to reach a low of $0.55 on February 6th, 2018.

The price has largely remained below $1 since then and has been trading in the range of $0.55 to $0.65 for most of the time.

While it did experience a large increase in the weeks following February 6th, the price has been declining since reaching a peak of 0.75 on March 1st, 2018.

The price remains stable at 0.56 as of today, March 5th, 2018.

Today, tokens are the hottest topic in cryptocurrency. This is because tokens have many advantages over traditional currency and blockchain. They are more efficient, flexible and can be used for a variety of applications.

But how much do you know about tokens? What do they do? What is their value? How to get them? Do you really want to buy one? This article is going to answer all those questions and more.

I will go into detail on what tokens are, how they work and what they mean to you as a consumer. I will also show you some examples of how they work and give you an example of one of the most popular tokens today: TNC.

What Is A Token?

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