What is Cryptocap and Why It Will Disrupt The Traditional Stock Market

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This is a blog about Cryptocap and the potential it has to disrupt the traditional stock market. Cryptocap is a cryptocurrency that will be used as a payment method on the new and improved trading platform built by the team at Stockal.

The platform, which makes investments in stocks easier, has been in development for two years and will launch in 2018. The platform was built by Stockal, Inc., a US-based organization founded in 2014 by three IITians (Indian Institute of Technology) – Vikas Saxena, Sankarshan Murthy, and Manish Singhal.

With an emphasis on “making investing more democratic,” Stockal CEO Vikas Saxena has spoken openly about his desire to make investing more accessible to people from all backgrounds. He believes that “investing should not be something reserved for a privileged few.”

Cryptocap will be used as a payment method on the new and improved trading platform set to launch in 2018.

Cryptocap is a new cryptocurrency that will disrupt the stock market. Cryptocap is a decentralized currency that operates on a blockchain. It uses a proof-of-work algorithm to verify transactions. The goal of cryptcap is to create an alternative to the traditional stock market by leveraging the power of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. This blog aims to educate readers about cryptcap and its disruptive potential in the financial world.

The traditional stock market is a centralized system of buying and selling shares. The process is simple, but can get costly. You need to open an account with a broker, transfer your money to them, and then tell them what you want to buy or sell. This takes time and costs money in the form of transaction fees, which can vary from broker to broker.

Cryptocap aims to entirely disrupt this system by allowing users to buy and sell stocks on the blockchain. Cryptocap is a decentralized stock exchange that allows users to trade using cryptocurrency instead of fiat currency. It is entirely peer-to-peer, meaning there are no middlemen taking a cut of your profits. Instead, users can buy and sell shares with each other without having to go through any third parties at all!

This has many advantages over traditional stock markets: 1) it’s cheaper because there are no fees; 2) it’s faster because there aren’t any delays due to waiting for brokers or bank transfers; 3) it’s more secure since your money won’t be held by anyone else besides yourself until you decide where it should go; 4) it’s more private since all transactions will happen on-chain so they’re visible only if one party chooses not too hide their identity; 5

Cryptocap is the first cryptocurrency with a dedicated focus on establishing a decentralized, blockchain based stock market. As such, Cryptocap has the potential to increase liquidity and efficiency in trading while reducing costs. Cryptocap was created by a distributed team of developers and designers who are working to make this project a reality.

The traditional stock market is an inefficient and outdated system that relies on intermediaries — like brokers and clearing houses — to facilitate the trade of stocks. But in the case of Cryptocap, the blockchain serves as an intermediary for the trade of stocks. The blockchain is a public, decentralized ledger that automatically verifies and records transactions through a network of computers (also known as nodes) spread across multiple locations.

This technology allows Cryptocap to be 100% transparent and secure because all transactions are stored on the blockchain, which is publicly accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. This also enables users to submit transactions without being dependent on any central authority (like banks or governments).

Cryptocap is a new token that will allow traders to buy and sell shares in companies with the same ease as trading cryptocurrencies. Cryptocap was founded by a group of veterans from the cryptocurrency industry and the traditional stock market, so we’re well aware of the shortcomings and benefits of both.

Cryptocaps are not to be confused with ICOs or IPOs. Cryptocaps are not a means to raise capital for companies, they are simply another way to trade company stocks. Companies do not need to issue any new tokens in order to have their stocks traded on Cryptocap, instead it works by allowing anyone to create a new Cryptocap if they can prove ownership of the underlying stock.

The Cryptocap project is a decentralized stock market built on blockchain technology. The goal of this project is to disrupt the financial markets in general and to make them more transparent.

There are three issues that the current stock market has:

1. Every order is visible to everyone – you can see at any given time what orders people have made, when they have made it, and how much they have paid. This means that you can use this information to predict what will happen next and make money off of it.

2. There are often bugs in the software which makes it possible for you to get an unfair advantage over other traders when trading stocks online.

3. You cannot trade anonymously and there is no way of knowing who you are trading against or if they are even human beings or robots that are programmed to make certain trades automatically based on certain criteria (like how high the price goes up before dropping again).

Cryptocap’s solution: We want to fix these problems by creating a decentralized stock market where every order placed by users will only be visible to them and not anyone else who does not have permission from all parties involved in making those orders public knowledge (including us!). This means that no one can predict what will happen next because there won

Crowdfunding platforms have been around for over a decade and have helped countless entrepreneurs raise money for their projects. However, traditional crowdfunding platforms have many limitations.

The biggest limitation is that there are no equity stakes in the companies that raise money through those platforms. That means that anyone who invests will not receive any shares and will not be able to profit from their investment when the company succeeds.

The second problem of traditional crowdfunding platforms is that they don’t allow investors to trade their investments on secondary markets, which means they are stuck with them until the project creator decides to return them.

To address these limitations, we created Cryptocap and launched it on the Waves blockchain platform. Cryptocap allows project creators to create financial instruments in the form of tokens.

Each token represents an equity stake in a specific project. This means that when the value of the project grows, so does the value of each individual token. Investors can then trade those tokens on secondary markets like cryptocurrency exchanges or even directly between themselves using decentralised exchange technologies such as Waves DEX.

At first glance, it might seem like Cryptocap is just another crowdfunding platform but it is much more than that. Its real potential lies in its ability to become a fully fledged stock market with

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