What Is pi? Read Our FAQs For All The Answers

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What Is pi? Read Our FAQs For All The Answers

Posted on December 16th, 2019 by Nick Johnson

What is pi Network?

Introducing pi Network

pi Network is a mobile app that lets users earn cryptocurrency while learning about cryptocurrency. Users can earn pi by making simple contributions to the network such as inviting friends, and securing transactions. Transactions on pi are secured by “invited” members of the network who provide a small amount of computing power from their phones to protect the transactions of other members. This means that instead of mining with large amounts of electricity like on many other crypto networks, Pi members mine with only their spare processing power and an internet connection. Pi’s design makes it easy for everyday people to participate in securing the currency.

Pi’s vision is to become the world’s most widely used cryptocurrency by empowering everyday people to capture and enrich the value of their digital world. The Pi core team is developing new ways for everyday people to capture and enrich the value of their digital lives and communities, including by monetizing our digital time and attention with a new model for digital advertising that aligns the interests of consumers, advertisers, and content creators. Our goal is to make cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone and enable you to securely capture your share of the growing value

What Is pi? Read Our FAQs For All The Answers

What Is Pi?

Pi is a new cryptocurrency for and by everyday people that you can “mine” (or earn) from your phone.

Pi’s vision is to become the world’s most widely used cryptocurrency, with the goal of capturing the world market of 2.5 billion people who have access to a mobile phone but are outside of the financial system.

Pi is an app that you can download and run on your phone (iOS or Android) to mine (or earn) Pi and help grow the network.

Pi was developed by a group of Stanford PhDs and is led by Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis, Stanford PhD in computer science and serial entrepreneur, alongside a team including researchers from MIT, Harvard, Berkeley and many more.

What is Pi?

Pi is an innovative, new global cryptocurrency and digital payment system that is decentralized, secure and free in every sense of the word. It has been developed by a group of Stanford PhDs and graduates working on the cutting edge of blockchain technology, distributed systems and cryptography.

What Makes Pi Different From Other Cryptocurrencies?

Pi’s mission is to capture the mobile economy and return its value back to its users. The net worth of mobile phones worldwide today stands at over US$2 trillion and is growing rapidly. More than 60% of the world population owns a mobile phone, which presents a huge opportunity for financial inclusion.

The Pi Network project seeks to build a community-driven decentralized internet with the Pi currency at its core. In order to increase access to cryptocurrency, they are making it possible for everyday people to mine on their own phones without compromising security or trust. Their vision is to create a global cryptocurrency that empowers everyday people like you and me without the need for specialized hardware or excessive electricity consumption.

Unlike Bitcoin which requires expensive hardware and consumes large amounts of energy, Pi can be mined easily on your phone without draining your battery as it only runs when you are using your phone.

Pi also offers another unique advantage – unlike other cryptocurrencies

The next big thing in cryptocurrency is here! Earn pi by helping to secure the network and build the community.

Pi Network, a new cryptocurrency you can mine on your phone without draining your battery or using data. Its value derives directly from the number of people who use it. The more people join, it becomes even more valuable. Learn more about this exciting project and become an early adopter of a potentially high-value currency!

The first digital currency you can mine on your phone with Pi Network app. Earn while you sleep, invite friends to earn more Pi (π) while they are sleeping too.

Pi is an innovative new digital currency that you can mine (or earn) from your mobile phone for free. You can start earning Pi today through the app, without spending a single cent of your own money.

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