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The latest version of the Home Coin Mining Guide is available at all times in the Telegram channel @ homemining. In this article we will cover how to build your home rig, what the optimal settings are, which pools are better to join and where to buy components cheaper. We will also talk about how much cryptocurrency can be mined on a home rig and whether it is worth doing at all.

Buying equipment

The first step in building a mining farm at home is buying equipment. The best option is to buy a bundle that includes:

Free cryptocurrency is a reality and Mining is the way to get it. There are many ways to mine cryptocurrency, but the easiest way is to use a home computer. This allows you to mine at home with minimal hardware costs and without any technical skills. This is not a guide for professional mining, but for home miners who want to try their hand at earning free money.

We will tell you how to assemble a rig for home mining at minimal cost, choose suitable software and pools, advise on what cards are better for mining and which ones are worth buying now. We also share information on other types of crypto projects that allow you to earn without investing anything.

The main advantage of crypto mining over other types of crypto earnings is that you can start making money immediately after you launch the miner program. Other methods require time, knowledge or financial investment (for example, buying coins).

If you want to make money on cryptocurrency mining, but do not have enough knowledge and equipment for mining, we offer you a unique opportunity to start mining at home.

Cryptocurrency mining is much easier than it was the year before. Today it is possible to assemble a powerful rig for mining Ethereum at home without any special technical knowledge. Mining coins at home has its advantages – you can save on electricity bills, choose the right time for mining, and even receive extra income from selling heat in winter.


Processor. The most important component in a mining rig is the processor, which is why you should start with it. It will be possible to assemble a farm of graphics cards and processors, but it is more expensive and difficult to maintain. Therefore, it is wiser to focus on one type of equipment (processors or video cards) when assembling a farm.

We have compiled a rating of the best mining processors:

Intel Core i9 9900K. The fastest processor for mining. With a maximum frequency of 5 GHz and 8 cores, it offers incredible performance for mining. The TDP power consumption parameter is 95 watts;

Intel Core i7 9700K/KF. Another great option for mining with 8 cores with an operating frequency of 3.6-4.9 GHz. Unfortunately, there are only two channels for RAM, which affects the speed of its work;

Intel Core i5 9600K/KF. A good alternative to the previous processor at a lower price;

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X/3800X/3900X – Best AMD Processor for Mining Crypto Currency;

AMD Ryzen 5 3600X – Best AMD Processor for Mining Crypto Currency;

Video card (video card).

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses cryptography for security transactions. It is not controlled by a central bank or government.

The most famous cryptocurrency is bitcoin, which was first introduced in 2009 and has since become the world’s most popular and valuable digital currency by market cap. There are currently more than 6,600 different cryptocurrencies available, many of which have come into existence in recent years through the process known as an initial coin offering (ICO).

How do you mine cryptocurrency on your computer?

Most cryptocurrencies use a proof-of-work system to implement distributed consensus; they are created through the process of mining. This involves adding transaction records to the blockchain (a public ledger of all past transactions). The mining process requires computers to solve mathematical problems in exchange for rewards, usually in the form of newly generated coinage. While this task can be performed by anyone with sufficient computing power, it is typically done by powerful and energy-hungry computer hardware, such as ASICs or graphics cards.

What are the best cryptocurrencies to mine at home?

The top cryptocurrencies to mine at home include Ethereum, ZCash and Monero. All three of these coins can be mined using GPU rigs, but Ethereum is generally considered the most profitable option due

With the continuing rise of cryptocurrencies, it is no surprise that digital money is a hot topic right now. Every day there are more and more people who want to get acquainted with them, as well as to understand how they work. Every day we see, as in the price of new projects growing and declining quotes old coins. The industry develops at full speed and every day something new appears in it.

Many people ask themselves: “How to earn cryptocurrency?”, “How to dig cryptocurrency?”, “What tools for mining are needed for this?” And so on. In this article we will try to answer these questions and share their own experience.

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