New Scrypt Coin Coming With Advanced Technology

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New Scrypt Coin Coming With Advanced Technology

I have been following this new coin closely and have been impressed so far. I am excited to see a new coin coming with some serious backing. They are now in closed beta, but they are going open beta soon when they add POS features to the wallet. After that, there will be a launch date.


-POS (proof of stake) on top of POW (proof of work) block chain

-Transaction privacy through use of “CoinJoin” protocol

-Ability to send anonymous transactions

-Merged mining with Bitcoin meaning you can mine for both coins simultaneously

-Mobile wallets for Android and iOS

-They are working on something called “Master Nodes”, which is like a proxy server that will allow people to mine the coin without having to download the full blockchain or keep their wallet running. These Master Nodes will also be eligible for extra rewards on the network. This is similar to what Primecoin did with their Prime Nodes.

A new scrypt coin is coming with advanced technology and a premine of 1% to combat instamining.

The coin currently has a working wallet and block explorer.

The coin will be released at the end of this month (June 2014), on the 28th.

The coin is being developed by myself, with inspiration from Darkcoin and Bitcoin.

It will come with features such as:

Difficulty adjustment every block using Kimoto’s Gravity Well algorithm (to combat multipool miners)

X11/X13/X15 hashing algorithms to prevent ASIC mining (and allow GPU mining in the future)

Advanced security and encryption features such as DNS seeds, stealth addresses, encrypted messaging and transaction comments.

Scrypt-N seems to be a new way of making scrypt more profitable for miners, but it is not as easy as it sounds. The developers of the upcoming cryptocurrency VegasCoin have announced that they will implement an advanced technology called Scrypt-N in their coin. The first coin that implemented this technology was Vertcoin and there were many concerns about its stability and the risk of multipools mining on it.

VegasCoin has taken a different approach by setting the difficulty retarget time at every 2 blocks instead of every block like Vertcoin did. This should make VegasCoin less vulnerable to multipool attacks. In addition to that, VegasCoin will use a random block reward system which will make it fairer for everybody who mines the coin and prevent unfair distributions like with Vertcoin. The network hashrate of VegasCoin is expected to be very high due to these changes, but the developers are confident that their coin will be able to handle it without any problems.

The VegasCoin team also announces some other improvements on their blog:

A CPU miner from Zawy12 and another one from tpruvot.

A Windows wallet from MagicPoopCannon/pallas which includes CPU mining, so you won’t need to download an extra

The upcoming cryptocurrency, Scrypt Coin, is a new digital currency that will be launching soon. The developers have been working hard to provide a coin that will benefit the community and future investors. This coin will be launching with various features that are not common in the crypto world.

There are many cryptocurrencies out there but few have some of the features that Scrypt Coin is bringing to the table. The main purpose of this coin is to provide an easy way for users to mine and use their coins without having to worry about getting hacked or scammed by other users. There are many different ways that you can go about doing this, but there are only a few ways that will actually work for you. This new digital currency is going to be one of those ways.

The first thing that you need to know about this new digital currency is how it works. This digital currency was created by using what is called a proof-of-work algorithm which means that it uses an algorithm in order to verify all of the transactions on the network and ensure that everyone has the same amount of money in their account.

You are not a 1st mover on the market, you are no leader in the crypto-currency community. And you dont have to be. But with this Coin you will have the chance to be a 1st mover in your own life.

This Coin is for people who are looking for something more than just a crypto-currency which can be bought, sold and traded. This Coin is for people who want to get involved in the development of a crypto-currency from the beginning. This Coin is for the real early adopters of the crypto-currency world and those who want to make it better for themselves and their family and friends.

The technology behind this Coin is based on our experience we made with other Coins over the last months. We learned that there is not just one killer feature which makes a crypto-currency successful. But there must be a whole package of features, functions and tools which makes it easy and convenient to use, mine, buy/sell it and spread it all over the world.

We will provide Tools that make mining easier, like one click miners (for CPU-, GPU-, ASIC-, FPGA-mining) or mining pools. We will offer an integrated Exchange where you can trade this Coin with other Coins like Litecoin

The world has changed a lot in the last hundred years. We have seen the transition from horse and buggy to the combustion engine, from telegraph to telephone, and from television to the internet. But what is coming next?

DUO is a X11/PoS hybrid with each block split in two. 50% goes to PoW miners and the other 50% is used for staking. At the end of the 30 day PoW phase, a snapshot will be taken of all staking addresses and coins will be transferred over to the new chain at a 1:1 ratio. This means that anyone who holds DUO during the PoW phase will get paid out twice as much in staking rewards on the new chain.

There are two ways to obtain DUO during the PoW phase. You can mine it or buy it on an exchange.

Buy DUO on Cryptsy:

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