What is Cryptocap? An ICO platform for Blockchain startups.

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What is Cryptocap? An ICO platform for Blockchain startups. Cryptocap offers an online service where Blockchain startups can launch their ICOs, raise capital and issue their own cryptocurrencies.

We provide a wide range of services to our clients, including:

– Innovative solutions for your project

– Transparency, security and reliability

– A large community of investors

Cryptocap is a leading ICO platform for Blockchain startups. We offer

advanced and powerful ICO marketing solutions, from pre-ICO to post-ICO services,

including consultation, token sale management and PR, smart contract development and audit, community management.

Cryptocap is a platform that provides support for Blockchain startups in their Initial Coin Offering or ICO. The team of Cryptocap has the necessary expertise, knowledge and experience to help you succeed with your ICO. We know how to create, design, market and launch your ICO with the best results by using our expertise and industry connections.

Cryptocap is a decentralized platform that runs on blockchain technology. Our goal is to provide new opportunities for entrepreneurs who are interested in raising funds for their business by launching an ICO campaign. Cryptocap will allow anyone to create an ICO campaign in a few simple steps making the process transparent and secure.

By using our services any entrepreneur can easily raise funds to kickstart their startup or project while having the necessary support from our team of experts in this field. Cryptocap will solve many issues related to transparency, security and organization of ICO campaigns.

Cryptocap is a platform for blockchain startups. We provide the technology and services that enable anyone to quickly and easily create their own tokens, ICO’s and smart contracts on multiple blockchains.

Our mission is to enable anyone, anywhere in the world to raise funds for any idea.

Our vision is to make crowd funding free, ubiquitous and global.

Cryptocap is a platform that connects blockchain startups and investors in a new way. Thanks to blockchain technology, we can offer the best conditions for both parties.

Cryptocap is a fundraising platform that helps blockchain startups reach their financial goals, and investors back the projects they believe in. Startups create project profiles with all the information about their business and tokens. Investors learn about projects and make pledges for ICO tokens, which are exchanged for cryptocurrency upon project completion (or earlier). Cryptocap gives blockchain startups a secure way to raise funds, while giving investors confidence that they know what they’re putting their money into.

CryptoCap is a platform for blockchain startups. We help them to create their own cryptocoin and raise funds for their project.

The platform allows users to create and sell their own tokens, as well as buy tokens of other users.

To create your token, you need to go through several steps, which we will describe in detail later:

Registration – the user must register on the site, filling out a short form.

Creation of tokens – there are several parameters that you need to set: name, description, number of coins issued, price, etc.

Confirmation – after creating your token on the site, it must be approved by our specialists. This can take from a few hours to several days.

Sale – the approval of your token means that it will now be available for sale on our website. You can also set an automatic sale at a specific price.

Buying – users who have registered on the site can buy your token at any time after its approval by our specialists.

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