What is Galacoin? Gala Coin will be the first coin to get accepted on a major retailer and we’re here to tell you all about it.

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GalaCoin is a crypto currency that is based on the Bitcoin protocol. Galacoin will be the first coin to get accepted on a major retailer and we’re here to tell you all about it.

GalaCoin (or GALA) is a crypto currency that is based on the Bitcoin protocol but with some key enhancements.GalaCoin will be the first coin to get accepted on a major retailer and we’re here to tell you all about it.

GalaCoin has been created in order to provide an alternative cryptocurrency to the mainstream world, by using the Crypto Currency Knowledge Web Service as our base, adding a range of additional features, and then offering these as a downloadable application for Smart Phones.

GalaCoin was created by Stephen Phillips and Simon Belsham of Crypto Currency Knowledge, http://www.cryptocurrencyknowledge.co.uk/ . We have already released GalaCoin as our own mobile friendly client in February of this year which you can download from our website at http://www.cryptocurrencyknowledge.co.uk/gala-coin/gala-coin-app/ .

Our open source codebase has been extensively tested and has passed in excess of 200 automated checks with no issues or errors detected,

Gala Coin is a new coin that’s backed by memberships of high-end gyms and dance studios. It’s a digital currency for the membership industry, for those who want to move their money away from expensive banks and into a more flexible and lower-cost system.

Gala Coin will be the first coin to get accepted on a major retailer, such as Amazon or Target.\

GalaCoin is a cryptocurrency that will allow anyone anywhere to pay at a major retailer in crypto. A new company called Galacoin has just launched on the Ethereum network and its ultimate goal is to get away from fiat currency completely.

The guy behind the project has been working online for years, selling products and services all over the world. He says he’s been using Bitcoin since 2011, but he was skeptical about it for some time, until one night when his girlfriend paid for dinner with it. He decided to buy $100 worth of Bitcoin just to see what happened. “That’s when I started to think about the whole concept of digital currencies,” says Bryan. “I thought well this would be great if we could take this global and make it more convenient for everyone. It was around this time that I heard about Ethereum and how they were trying to do something similar with their coin so I got excited again. I was looking into it at this point but I kept coming up short on how I could actually put my money where my mouth was and make a difference with an idea like this in the future. That’s when I came across Galacoin and they seemed to be doing their thing right. This is a

Galacoin is a cryptocurrency that has already been accepted for payment on the website of an online retailer called Overstock.com , a major online retailer.

That means, if you have Gala Coin and you shop on Overstock.com, you can pay with Galacoin just as you would pay with U.S. dollars or euros or Canadian dollars. It’s like using any other currency in your daily life except that it’s digital and more secure.*

So what’s a more secure form of currency than cash? Well, the answer is nothing: U.S. dollars are not safer than cash, euros are not safer than cash, and Canadian dollars are not safer than cash. Making promises to be perfectly safe is an interesting idea but not one that is likely to get much attention from the general public or from central banks or from anyone other than technologists and libertarians.

The Galacoin is a crypto-currency with three primary functions: to be a currency, to be a payment system, and to be an investment.

The Galacoin will have the first of these characteristics – it will be a currency – when it is minted and introduced in 2015.

The Galacoin will also be a payment system when it gets on retail shelves, with the intention that it will function like cash at these retailers.

But the Galacoin will become an investment as well. What this means is that you can buy or sell Gala Coin on any stock or commodity exchange around the world for Bitcoin or for other currencies. You can buy or sell Gala Coin for cash, in other words, and you can hold it as an investment.

The name Galacoin is a bit of a gag. Nobody’s sure what it means. But the coin itself will be as real as any other currency: it will be legal tender, and you can use it to buy goods and services in just about any country around the world.

Of course, a currency must have some intrinsic value. As with all currencies, whether they are gold or paper, Galacoin will have its own value based on the goods and services that people are willing to exchange for it.

People don’t need physical coins; they could use credit cards or mobile phones. But coins are still convenient: they’re small, shiny and portable; you can count them easily; you can give them as gifts; and most importantly, you can hold onto them because sometimes you want to spend money on things that aren’t available electronically.

The term “Gala coin” is something of a misnomer. It is not intended to be a cryptocurrency of the sort that has been popular recently. Rather, it is a kind of money that will be used in the real world. This is to be distinguished from other kinds of virtual currencies, the most prominent of which are cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

We’ll have more to say about Gala Coin in future articles, but for now let’s just say this: Gala Coin is a new kind of currency that represents wealth that can be used for buying goods and services.

It embodies an idea first put forward by Satoshi Nakamoto, who launched Bitcoin in 2009. But it differs from Bitcoin in several important ways. Unlike Bitcoin, which creates all its wealth (its value) in the form of coins, Gala Coin will represent goods and services.

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