How to Spot a Cryptsy Scam? Use These Tips and Advice

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Cryptsy Scam – How to Spot a Cryptsy Scam? Use These Tips and Advice

The other day I was talking with a friend about bitcoin and he told me that he had just bought some on Cryptsy. He said that it was easy and the site was trustworthy. I asked him if he’d read anything about the Cryptsy scam, and he said “No.” I decided to google it myself, and I’m glad that I did. I found out a lot of things about the Cryptsy scam.

The first thing that you need to know is that they do not accept credit cards, debit cards or PayPal. This is because they are only going to accept cash. They are also very slow in processing payments, so don’t expect to receive your order right away.

The second thing that you need to know is that they don’t give receipts for their products. That means you cannot verify if they have received your money or not. And if they haven’t received your money, then how do you know if they’ve really sent it? You can’t see any proof that your money was actually paid for by them.

Recently, I received an email from a blog reader asking me if I could write on how to spot a Cryptsy scam.

The question came after the recent hack on the Cryptsy exchange and the discovery that there were some shady activities going on with the company (a few months before the hack).

The reader also mentioned that he knew someone who had lost all his money because of a Cryptsy Ponzi scheme.

He felt bad about it and he wanted me to warn others so they don’t fall in the same trap.

I was rather surprised when I read this email as I didn’t know that Cryptsy was involved in a scam operation.

It seems that I have been living under a rock for quite some time now, oblivious to what was going on in the world of Bitcoin.

Anyway, I decided to do some research and write this post.

As a Cryptsy user, you should be aware that any trading platform can be subject to scams and fraud. In the past, we have seen users get scammed by using fake bots or even impersonators of well known members of the crypto community. Now, it has come to our attention that there is a new kind of scam taking place on Cryptsy.

In the past few days, multiple users have reported getting scammed on Cryptsy by users who claim to have “an engineer working at Cryptsy” in their friend’s list. The scam involves adding these fake users as friends and getting them to withdraw their funds from their current account in order to send them to the scammer’s account.

As mentioned earlier, this scam has been going on for a while now, but it is only recently that we have had reports of it happening again. The last time this scam was reported was back in December 2013 when a user got scammed out of $100 worth of bitcoin by a user claiming to be an engineer at Cryptsy.

As always, we at CryptoCoinsNews want to remind our readers about the importance of being vigilant when trading online. If you ever come across someone claiming to work for any company related to cryptocurrencies, please do not add them as

When you get involved in this kind of business, there is always a chance that you can get scammed. There are several ways to prevent this from happening and Cryptsy is one of the platforms that has some issues.

It is not the first time people are complaining about the platform. There have been several problems reported and those who have had these problems mostly say that there is no support from the company. This is one of the first things that should be alarming for everyone. It simply means that if you have an issue, there is no way to resolve it. The only thing you can do is to try to contact them but it seems very likely that you will never hear anything back from them or any other person or department within the company.

There are several other points that can be used in order to identify if a platform has some issues and if it is simply a scam:

– Low volume on certain pairs

– Problems with withdrawals

– Withdrawal delays

– No response from support

The most common scams on Cryptsy are the so-called pump and dumps – fake currency inflations. These can be carried out by Cryptsy itself or by a group of people that have coordinated their efforts to buy a particular altcoin at the same time, thus increasing its price. Then other users see that someone is buying it, so they also jump in and start buying, which causes the price to continue rising. After a short time, those who initiated the scam sell their coins for another currency at these high prices. The price then drops rapidly, leaving a lot of people with useless coins.

How do you avoid getting scammed? By recognizing these scams and also by being patient. That’s right! If you want to make money on Cryptsy, patience is essential. You shouldn’t get involved in pumps and dumps because you will probably lose your money. And if you want to invest in an altcoin that has risen too quickly, wait for some time before doing it. You might be tempted to buy it when the price is still rising due to some pump and dump scheme, but if you are patient enough, you will see that after a while the price goes down again. So your best bet is to wait until the price drops and then buy it.

Cryptocurrency has been on a tear lately, and has all but exploded over the past few months. While this has brought attention to cryptocurrency from all around the world, it has also brought a lot of unsavory characters to the table looking to take advantage of unsuspecting users. This article will serve as a guide for what to look for and what to watch out for when using cryptocurrencies.

It is important to note that this article is not saying that Cryptsy is a scam or that the people behind the company are in any way dishonest. It simply serves as a precautionary guide for those who are new to cryptocurrency or are new to Cryptsy.

Popular and trusted exchange platform Cryptsy has been in the news lately over allegations of being a scam. The company has recently been accused by customers who claim that their accounts have frozen, making it impossible to withdraw funds. Many users have also claimed that they are unable to deposit and trade as well.

While Cryptsy has always been regarded as a reliable and trusted Bitcoin exchange, a number of negative reviews and reports about the company’s service have been surfacing on the Internet lately. However, there are many reasons why this could be happening, but one of the most assumed answer is that the company may be working on some major changes.

The most common complaints about Cryptsy include:

-Accounts frozen for no reason;

-Difficulty withdrawing funds;

-Unable to deposit or trade;

-Trading fees not appearing on account statements;

-Failure to honor withdrawal requests from customers;

-Communication problems with the exchange platform’s staff.

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