What is HYPER and the Crypto Currency Road Map

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Crypto Currency Road Map: An informative blog about the crypto currency.

Informative, interesting and up to date.

The Crypto Currency Road Map provides a great outline of where we are with crypto currency and what is to come in the future.

What is HYPER?

HYPER is an ultra rare crypto game currency used in Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG). It has a finite supply of only 1 billion coins that are evenly distributed over 5 years through mining, staking and games. This ensures stable long term growth in value as more people begin to mine HYPER and use it as a currency. In addition, HYPER can be obtained by playing any role playing game on our network. For example, if you play Minecraft or Counter Strike on our network, you will receive HYPER every time you kill an enemy! You can also use HYPER to purchase items or perks in any game on our network.

HYPER was launched July 18th 2014 at 11pm GMT+1 with absolutely no premine, instamine or IPO. The first 1 year of its existence was particularly volatile due to the fact that it had such a large block reward (20 HYPER per block) which has now been reduced to 1 HYPER per block

Cryptocurrency is an internet-based medium of exchange which uses cryptographical functions to conduct financial transactions. Cryptocurrencies leverage blockchain technology to gain decentralization, transparency, and immutability.

HYPER is a PoW/PoS crypto currency designed for mass adoption and gaming. HYPER will feature an innovative in-game crypto miner, website banners, video ads and more exciting new features. HYPER is the first coin to launch a global crypto tournament with viral marketing and massive gaming community exposure.

HYPER has been trading live since January 2014 on major exchanges including Cryptsy, Bittrex and Coinpayments.net. We have also been working on a global in-game advertising campaign which launched in March 2015 with our first game “This Is Not An App” being installed over 100,000 times worldwide! We are now working on expanding this campaign with new games as well as other crypto related products such as HYPER branded casino games and an online poker room/sports betting site specifically for the crypto community!

We have some very exciting plans for HYPER going forward so stay tuned!

HYPER is a digital currency designed for gamers, it has been built from the ground up to handle the needs of all gamers. We have developed our own gaming platform, HYPER RPG and are working on releasing a game portal to support many games. We will be releasing a game store and reward system. We plan on funding this by attracting and supporting gamers with HYPER.

HYPER has been around for a couple of years now and has grown steadily over time. It is also highly decentralized, there are many nodes across the world that help keep the network running smoothly and securely. It currently has a market capitalization of around $500 000 USD which is small in comparison to other currencies but this is expected to skyrocket as we release new developments.

As an investor or miner you can feel safe knowing that HYPER was not premined and nobody owns more than 1% of the current supply. This means that we have no advantage over anyone else in terms of obtaining coins, this is another reason why HYPER is being taken seriously by investors.

Last year we launched the HYPER currency, in what was supposed to be a small hobby project. However, things escalated quickly and the project has now become something much larger than was ever expected. Since the launch of HYPER we have seen explosive growth with its market capitalisation increasing from $0 to over $1 million USD.

HYPER is a coin for supporting game servers and gamers, it is not a mainstream currency used for drug deals or other nefarious activity. We take pride in being a niche community which is clean, honest and above board. We do not want to be associated with anything which gives crypto currencies a bad name.

We are focused on getting HYPER listed on more exchanges, with our next goal being Bittrex. This will give us access to an important new audience and help increase our marketcap further. With increased exposure we will also be able to attract new merchants and developers to accept HYPER as payment.

What is HYPER?

HYPER is a gaming cryptocurrency. The aim of our project is to create a community that focuses on the development of new and exciting games, gaming servers, in game currency and other aspects of gaming.

The HYPER currency has been designed with stability and growth in mind. It has been around for over 2 years now (since March 2014) and has proven its stability by staying active with a relatively stable price when compared to other cryptocurrencies. We want to foster growth by supporting the gaming community through donations, sponsorships and the development of our own games and server infrastructure. Support from the wider community will assist this process by helping us reach out to other gamers and promote our currency as an alternative to fiat currencies such as the US dollar, Euro or British Pound.

Currency Specifications:

– Proof Of Stake/Minting algorithm

– Block time: 5 minutes (300 seconds)

– Max confirmations per transaction: 6 blocks (~30 minutes)

– Total PoS coin maturity: 256 blocks (~21 hours)

– Minimum stake age: 4 hours

– Maximum stake age: unlimited (best results are achieved after 30 days)

– Total coins: 50 million

– Block reward: 500 HYPER coins +

The Hyper algorithm is a new kind of consensus that focuses on scalability, decreasing the time needed to confirm transactions and block creation. Hyper is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) coin which uses the “Hash” protocol.

The key difference between Hyper and other PoS coins is that the Hyper algorithm is designed to prevent pre-mining and decrease the chances of a 51% attack.

The way this is accomplished is by constantly changing the difficulty of staking based on the amount of active nodes helping to secure the network.

The difficulty algorithm also prevents GPU and ASIC miners from taking over the network meaning that anyone with a computer can mine Hyper.

As well as allowing anyone with a computer to mine, the Hash algorithm also gives users a healthy return on staking their coins – while keeping inflation low.

The added benefit of this algorithm is that it can be used for more than just creating new blocks, it can also be used for time stamping data in addition to keeping track of network events.

If Bitcoin is a great invention, why hasn’t it taken over the world yet?

The answer is that it isn’t ready. Bitcoin is like early email. Before spam and viruses, before desktop clients and IMAP servers, email was a brilliant but clunky way to send messages over the Internet. You had to be a geek to use it.

Bitcoin today is like email in 1978. The interface is clunky, the content on the network is pretty limited, but there are still plenty of interesting and useful things happening on top of it. It’s just hard for non-geeks to find a way in.

Bitcoin has huge potential because it’s an internet native currency: no need for banks and middlemen, no one can shut it down, no one can seize your property (unless you give them your private keys). It’s backed by proof instead of faith; its supply is transparent and predictable; transactions are final; its security model is completely decentralized; and so on. But all this power comes at a cost: the system is complicated to understand, hard to use, and seems kind of scary compared to traditional financial systems.

The point of this post is not to make predictions about Bitcoin or any other crypto currency (though I do have some predictions

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